Invisi-Gard Fire Screens and Bushfire Screen Resistance Properties

Don’t welcome fire into your home or business premises, Invisi-Gard doors and fire screens are constructed with corrosion resistant Grade 316 mesh and is retained in the frame using EGP Technology preventing corrosion that is associated with fasteners.

Invisi-Gard will protect your attenuation property from floating embers preventing them passing through the screens and its fire attenuation properties will reduce the intensity of radiant heat flux by up to 27% over two hours based on an incident energy of 80 kW per square metre, and 43% based on an incident energy of 40kW per square metre (Tested by the CSIRO to the latest test method using broad spectrum radiometer measuring both incident heat flux and transmitted heat).

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By installing Invisi-Gard more flexibility of design is possible and cost savings can be made. Windows facing adjoining properties can be positioned within 3 metres of the boundary or within 6 metres of a building positioned on the same building allotment.

The installation of Invisi-Gard can offer substantial cost savings as Invisi-Gard reduces heat flux which may eliminate the requirement for drench boxes to be installed above window openings. Where Invisi-Gard is not deemed to be sufficient on its own, Invisi-Gard can be used in conjunction with drench boxes increasing the attenuation properties by a considerable margin.

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