Excellent alternative to PVC Cafe Blinds & Bistro Blinds

Constructed from a solid aluminium frame and fitted with a clear weather resistant material, Accolade Weather Screens are created with the harsh Australian climate in mind and will bring life to your existing outdoor area.

We  work with you to customer design your outdoor space  and select a style of screen from our broad range of options including bi-folding, sliding, stacker slide, french doors, and even doors for your pets. Additionally, the screens come in a variety of material and colour options.
All Accolade Weather Screens are covered under warranty, giving you peace of mind whilst enjoying your revitalised outdoor area.

Accolade® PVC Weather Screens are designed with strength and stability in mind, particularly for areas prone to high winds. Safer and lighter than glass, they allow you to maintain an open or closed outdoor area without the need of pulleys, ropes, or crank systems that you would associate with PVC Bistro and PVC Café Blind systems.

When compared to glass and other PVC options, the benefits of Accolade® Weather Screens include:

• Improved design from pvc café blinds
• Weather Resistant
• Lightweight
• Made to measure
• Many styles and colours available
• Enjoy outdoor living all year round
• Clear as glass
• Safer and lighter than glass  (unbreakable)
• Easy to operate
• Affordable
• Clear and tinted pvc available
• Acrylic, polycarbonate and mesh infills available

Is Your Outdoor Space Adding Value To Your life And Home?

Most home owners are restricted to utilising their outdoor area all year round due to poor weather conditions. Birds, dust and noise are also common problems that an Accolade® PVC Weather Screen system can overcome. In addition to the weather-proofing characteristics of our PVC weather screens, installing one of our systems will improve the thermal properties of your outdoor area significantly. We specialise in difficult, off square, sloping roof, balcony installations and can provide cat and pet enclosure systems as well.

Accolade® Weather Screens can also be inserted with the following materials;

  • Anti-Glare Green Tinted PVC
  • Bronze Tinted PVC
  • Charcoal Grey Tinted PVC
  • Paw Proof Mesh
  • Midge & Fly Screen Membrane
  • Stainless Steel Security Mesh
  • Sun Block Out Mesh
  • Opal Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Pet Doors

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